Paul Walling was born and raised in what he lovingly refers to as “America’s Punchline.”


He started acting at the age of 11 and would go on to perform professionally through the end of high school, but it was his other love — journalism — that he followed to university. Adhering loosely to the Tommy Boy schedule of higher education, he worked in politics, “studied” abroad in Australia and Europe, won some cash on a game show, and worked on three continents for a restaurant chain owned by movie stars. Going to law school seemed the logical next step.


But after three years at the University of Michigan (Go Blue) and a clerkship with a federal judge, he realized his heart was not in law or government, so he returned to his first love: the arts. 


As a producer of film (Dysenchanted, Sundance premiere) and theater (Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway), he had a lot of fun, but it was the stage that called him back into formal training


Seven roles in New York plays have followed (almost all with British accents, oddly enough for a dude from Tampa), as have television and film rolesmore training and work in Hollywood, all of which you can you can read more about on my (ahem, I mean his) latest resume, available on this very site.