Demo Reel

(2 minutes 30 seconds)

Smart, intense, slightly intimidating and surprisingly humorous, he can be a leader and a loner,

and has a bit of a dark side.

Prickly Co-Worker Who Is

Intense & Socially Awkward

(Full Scene)

GETTING IN (1 minute): Creepy Bureaucrat gets off on wielding his "power"

Offbeat White-Collar Professional

Whose Heart Is In the Right Place

(Full Scene)

AFTER RACHEL (1 minute): Dorky Doctor examines his brother

and gently prods him to do the right thing

"After Rachel" (1 min)
"Getting In" [with beard] (1 min)
PAUL WALLING Animation VO Demo - Paul Walling
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PAUL WALLING Commercial VO Demo - Paul Walling
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"Once Upon a Time in the East" (1 min)